There are many good reasons for continuing your education into the sixth form. The Stafford Sixth Form Partnership is a successful and supportive collaboration which encourages the best from all our students. The partner schools and academies in Stafford  have been working successfully together for several years.  Our goal is to maximise your opportunities by ensuring you have access to the broadest possible curriculum, whether this a purely academic route or a mix of vocational and academic subjects.

A unique feature of the sixth form is that whilst each partner retains its unique identity and ethos, co-operation takes place where it is clear students will benefit. Students gain from the advantage of belonging to an institution which will support them through the sixth form and give them all necessary pastoral care and  tutorial support. Alongside this, a student can take full advantage of choosing a programme of study from all partners.

To keep travelling to a minimum, where a subject is available at your own school it is normal practice to study there, but if you find there is a clash, or the subject you wish to study is not offered by your school, then you can follow courses on offer in all partner institutions. This will involve travelling between schools, and to allow this to happen all partners operate a broadly common timetable.

September 2017 marks the introduction of further new A-level examination syllabuses which are being introduced as a result of the complete overhaul of the examination system, so most students will be looking at making a commitment to full two-year courses.

We look forward to welcoming you to the sixth form in 2017.